It's a good month to be a data user. Earlier, GoSmart and Simple Mobile announced data increases on their low- and mid-tier plans. And H2O Wireless has finally added LTE to their plans. Now, AT&T's Cricket Wireless brand, perhaps feeling the heat, has announced increases in data allowances on their mid-tier unlimited plans: 

The $35 plan ($40 without Auto Pay) went from 1gb to 2.5gb.

The $45 plan ($50 without Auto Pay) went from 3gb to 5gb.

The $55 plan ($60 without Auto Pay) remains at 10gb and is still one of the best deals for a large data allowance on a large network.

You can also find more details about these plans at our Cricket Wireless carrier profile and compare them against other prepaid plans with our prepaid phone plan comparison tool.

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