PrepaidPhoneNews reports that H2O is now offering LTE on its monthly plans. This speed upgrade coincides with a data allowance upgrade as well. Both changes are reflected on our H2O plan comparison page. Users are also reporting that the LTE speeds on monthly plans are not throttled (unlike several other MVNOs.) There is also the possibility that LTE is now available on pay-as-you-go plans, although this has not been confirmed.

H2O indicates that customers must buy a new SIM card and and monthly plan pin in order to access LTE, however some users have reported that this is unnecessary. The following are the APN configuration settings reported by users:

MMS proxy -
MMS port - 80
MCC - 310
MNC - 410
Authentication Type - None
APN type - default,mms,supl
APN protocol - IPv4
Bearer - Unspecified

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