It seems this is a season of good news for prepaid phone users, particularly those on T-Mobile based carriers. Several companies have increased data allowances this month, including GoSmart and Simple Mobile. Starting in February, GoSmart's $35 plan will go from 500mb to 2.5gb, the $40 plan will go from 3gb to 5gb, and the $45 plan will go from 5gb to 10gb. The latter now directly competes with Cricket's $55/10gb plan and Simple Mobile's $60/10gb plan. GoSmart's 10gb plan is cheaper than both, and has the same coverage area as Simple Mobile as both use T-Mobile's network with no roaming capability. Cricket is owned by AT&T and has a larger coverage area. Another competitor at this level is T-Mobile's MetroPCS brand, which offers unlimited unthrottled data for $60/month. Clearly, GoSmart is the better deal for people who have good T-Mobile coverage and use up to 10gb of data. However, Cricket is preferable if wider coverage is needed.

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